Boneyard Necromancers

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"To defy oblivion is to defy convention."
―Boneyard Necromancers mission statement

The Boneyard Necromancers are a cult of Arckasians who worship the God machine Necros. Their home city is called the Necropolis found in the Koylegan system. Necromancers are those who have learned from Necros how to raise and control the dead - often through nanobots controlled via brainwaves. While most Arckasian necromancers aren't too tough to defeat, there are a few who have a lot of experience and have become incredibly powerful, controlling entire armies of undead hordes. Necromancers are somewhat like collectors, expanding their collection of undead races by adding new species to their hordes. Many assume that these hordes are used to build armies, and while they are not incorrect, their true purpose is to serve as a means of preserving other species in their own strange ways.

While the Boneyard Necromancers started out benevolently, resurrecting fallen friends and family members, the population of the Empire of Arckas exploded with many undead citizens leading some to question the ethics of everyone being immortal. Some saw their actions as an afront to the other god machines, resulting in centuries of wars. The Boneyard Necromancers were also frequent targets of the Anathema as the act of mass reanimating of the dead was thought to have contributed to the Heat Death Crisis more than any other civilization.


The Boneyard Necromancers key tenants are truth and eternity. By keeping hordes of undead, they believe they can preserve the legacy of species and save them from extinction. They don't just resurrect living beings but also dormant AI's.

Boneyard Necromancers are rumored to be incapable of lying. Those who pledge fealty to Necros swear an oath to seek out absolute, brutally honest truth. This comes at the expense of being able to tell benign white lies and having traditional moral viewpoints. As such, they are known for being extremely open for the reasons of their wrongdoings - most of which are just primordial urges to cause chaos and destruction. Their desire to preserve everything even means preserving ugly truths and histories that the Empire of Arckas is willing to cover up. Because of this, the Boneyard Necromancers saw surprisingly large numbers of hacktivists and cybercriminals join their ranks.

Subject civilizations

  • Daptora - An uplifted tribal species used as shock troopers. Their ability to consume almost anything has made them effective for a variety of purposes.
  • Lykrus - A lupine species from the Sortis Galaxy, which was ripped apart gravitationally when a larger galaxy had passed it by. When their people split into many factions over survival, the Shadow Lykrus allied themselves with the Boneyard Necromancers to gain an advantage over their enemies.
  • Tarafos - A highly intelligent colonial arachnid species.
  • Valuri - A nocturnal species with winged forearms known for drinking blood. Their acute sense of taste has led to them sampling and tasting the blood of multiple types of species, going as far as to breed other species to create the perfect tasting blood.


  • Necros - The AI ruler of the Boneyard Necromancers
  • Lord Desmodian - A high-ranking Valuri and right-hand to Necros.
  • Kankal - An Aeliph who was a former Majar-kan that defected. He had previously died, but his skeletal remains were reanimated by nanobots. He is considered one of the most skilled necromancers due to his mastery of technomancy.
  • Queen Aranak - A Tarafos known for her meticulous calculations and strategic abilities.
  • Hazador - A Lykrus general with a reputation for brutally slashing through his victims.


  • Empire of Arckas - The Boneyard Necromancers are in an uneasy stalemate. While the Boneyard Necromancers are almost always the aggressors, they usually do so either to retaliate against policies they don't agree with or that they simply feel like attacking.
  • Collective - The two are at constant war, even moreso than the Empire of Arckas. The Collective believes that the Boneyard Necromancers' grotesque means of preserving other species is highly inefficient and serves no purpose. As such, the Collective seeks to destroy the Boneyard Necromancers at all costs.
  • Wherhid United Republic - The two have struck an uneasy deal where the Boneyard Necromancers are allowed to collect species from worlds on the verge of extinction events.
  • Mavetians - The two are on surprisingly good terms despite the Mavetians being a major player of the Omniverse Nexus. Hades and Necros often exchange technologies.