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The Majar-kan are an order of technomancers that serve as military leaders and religious officials. They are considered the most proficient in their art, serving as guardians throughout the empire. Majar-kan are highly renowned for their skill with technomancy, their intelligence and their diplomacy.


Most Majar-kan are from the Aeliph species as they are often credited as the pioneers of technomancy. However, Majar-kan can be of any species or other form of life, even AI. In order to become a Majar-kan, one has to become a master in the art of technomancy - being able to commune with the Maj fields produced by a god machine and wielding nanobots controlled with both the mind and with external devices.

Known Majar-kan

  • Amarsha - A passionate Majar-kan known for his zeal and ruthless efficiency when it comes to resolving disputes. While fiercely loyal to Na'zrah, he is feared by the commonfolk.
  • Pragaya - A wise woman of the Aeliph. She is calm and calculated, known for her extensive contributions to Na'zrah's archive database.
  • Vinoda - Sometimes affectionately referred to as "Vinny", he is a Majar-kan known for his sense of humor. With a reputation as the jester, his methods of resolving disputes tend to be considered highly unorthodox.