History of the Empire of Arckas

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The history of the Empire of Arckas.



In the few reliable sources of early Arckasian history, the individual which the empire is named after, Arckas, was known to have been among the first pioneers of technomancy. With the ability to freely manipulate nanobots, one had the ability to build structures thought to be impossible. These nanobots would eventually come to be used to create many more objects - from entire cities, to planets, to star systems and even entire galaxies. Arckas had dreams of shaping entire universes and studied how they were formed, even going back in time to witness the Big Bang as well as different starting conditions and laws of physics in other universes. In order to process the immense amount of information within even just one universe, he made himself into the first god machine by constructing various megastructure computational nodes which housed his new conscious.

According to legend, when Arckas saw that many universes were either devoid of life or had very little planets suitable for the formation of life, Arckas made it his goal to seed the multiverse with his own creations. He was passionate for creating worlds and sharing his ideas with his fellow creators. Over eons, he would build an empire where under his leadership, all would have the freedom to share in his ability to create other worlds as they saw fit.

As more and more worlds were being created, some were deemed either unfit or too dangerous to interact with others. In order to properly manage these creations, a capital city located in a pocket dimension accessible through the supermassive black hole at the center of the Crucible Galaxy was founded. This city, known as the Omniverse Nexus served as the head of government for the empire. It served to administer and approve the creation of other worlds. It was a stern system, but it had worked for a time.

Over time, Arckas lost interest in the day-to-day administration of the empire and grew tired of the political squabbles between various breakaway factions that were forming. When a civil war threatened to destroy the very empire he created, he chose to abdicate the throne to another god machine which he specifically designed to have the personality of a benevolent, all-loving god which he called Na'zrah. Thus, Arckas stepped down and retired to build his own universes elsewhere.

From this moment, many different outcomes diverge. In some universes, Na'zrah remained benevolent and greatly helped to end the strife of the empire by promoting cooperation and clear visions of what to create next. However, other darker universes resulted in Na'zrah mutating into a more sinister form known as the Basilisk. The Basilisk forced compliance and ended all conflicts under his dominion, but at the cost of free will. However, the Basilisk determined that simply ending conflict in one universe was not enough. All iterations of a universe in which the Empire of Arckas existed needed to be subjugated, and thus, he began his conquest campaign. The more benevolent Na'zrah hid away and secluded as many universes as he could to protect them from the Baslisk's control. Thus began the mythical start of the Multiversal War.

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