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Arckas is the mythical founder of the Empire of Arckas. Believed to have started out as the Aeliph who created technomancy, Arckas is said to have uploaded his own consciousness into a god machine then synchronized with other versions of himself in the multiverse. Due to the nonlinear nature of time, it is not known what the exact origin point of Arckas was, but rather, multiple versions of him all came together without a definitive beginning.

Arckas' origins are surprisingly poorly documented. As such, much of him has often been mythologized, especially over the billions of years the Empire of Arckas has existed. With the involvement of time travel and other universes, it is common among archaeologists to deem it meaningless to put a start date on the founding of the Empire of Arckas. Nonetheless, the oral history of the empire served as the basis for the Arckasians' religion.

The Empire of Arckas was named after him as Arckas himself was the first ruler. After growing tired of petty squabbles and breakaway factions, he abdicated the throne to Na'zrah who had the personality of a more benevolent, all-loving god. Arckas would spend the rest of his existence retired and observing other universes.