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The Daptora are an intelligent predatory species native to the planet Lampra, located in the Syrikata system.


Daptora consist of a fleshy, pink, spherical central mass with a large, radial mouth lined with sharp teeth. From inside their mouth is a proboscis-like tongue which can lash out - snatching up smaller prey entirely or allowing them to draw blood from larger creatures. They support themselves with several tentacles which serve as limbs allowing them to climb trees and other structures with ease. They do not have eyes but instead lines of cilia designed for sensing their environment.


The Daptora are native to a hot, humid environment covered in jungles and swamps. Due to the highly prevalence of disease and other highly aggressive predators, the Daptora evolved to become hyper adaptable to their exotic environment. Their bodies can reconstitute themselves to adapt to the food they consume. As such, they are opportunistic feeders able to eat nearly everything. While they do go after live prey, they are well-adapted to being able to consume carcasses no matter the stage of decay.

As part of the Boneyard Necromancers

They were once employed by the Boneyard Necromancers. Aside from their use as shock troops, they've also been used for janitorial duties where they would eat garbage, toxic wastes and other unwanted items.

Relation to the Glukar

The Daptora share some DNA with the Glukar indicating a common ancestor. However, as the Daptora and Glukar are on opposite sides of the galaxy, it is thought that the resemblance was due to the Arckasians seeding worlds with life. In particular, Ardeneat was likely seeded by Necros by introducing microbes native to Lampra.