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Lampra was a planet in the Syrikata system. It was the homeworld of the Daptora species, which the Boneyard Necromancers used for various menial labor roles such as sanitation engineers as well as shock troopers.

Lampra is covered in swamps and jungles, its thick, carbon dioxide rich atmosphere traps heat and creates consistent temperature across the entire world even in the polar regions. The average temperature is a constant 95 F and 110 F with maximum humidity.

Exploration has been heavily restricted by the Second Galactic Senate due to the planet's hostile conditions. Without a breath mask, species more accustomed to drier climates would almost immediately fall unconscious in seconds as the heavy air pressure would crush their lungs. It is highly recommended to cover one's skin completely to avoid parasitic insects.


Lampra, while technically habitable, has an ecosystem that is incredibly hostile. Bubbling swamp gases create a thick, heavy atmosphere that drapes the planet in a dense, greenish fog. The soil is deficient in nitrogen which gave rise to a diverse number of carnivorous plants. Liquid water, while common throughout the planet, has an unusually high acid content due to native algae that use the water as an external digestive system. An unlucky organism without the proper protection would gradually dissolve in the water while the algae would gradually absorb their remains.

Because of these hostile conditions, the fauna have very short lifespans, but they breed very rapidly. Many life forms have adopted to live parasitically, using anything from sharp teeth to proboscides to draw blood from other organisms.

Due to the high death rate, much of the jungles are littered with corpses which attracts many sorts of scavengers. Large insects will often lay their eggs inside these corpses which their larva can use as food.

Mouths of Lampra

A superorganism which also goes by the name of Lampra is revered to be a god by the Daptora tribes. They believe that this organism and the planet itself are one and the same - which is true to some extent as the superorganism reaches across all continents. The Mouth appears as a large pit in ground similar to a giant flower. A pool of acid is at the bottom while a series of stalks rise from the very bottom which emit an intoxicating pheromone that can range for miles. These pheremones can take control of a species to lure them into its mouth where they fall to their death. Even if they're far away, an infected prey will spend days, sometimes traveling hundreds of miles to make their way to one of the mouths. Smaller, less intelligent prey is faster to infect, and for millions of years, it has been an evolutionary arms race over resistance to the infection versus its potency.

One Daptora custom was a suicide ritual where once a Daptora becomes too old to hunt, they would deliberately let themselves inhale the pheromone in copious amounts. After that, they let themselves become guided on a spiritual journey until they find a mouth and drop themselves into it, supposedly becoming one with Lampra.