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The Tarafos are a species of intelligent, colonial arachnids from Oraktus-3. They were among the founding members of the Boneyard Necromancers.


Tarafos are symmetrical with their bodies oriented downward. They have eight legs that allow them to move freely in any direction while their vertically oriented abdomens are filled with gases that keep them aloft. They communicate with one another through an elaborate series of clicks and hisses. In addition to being used for catching prey, their mandibles are versatile enough to manipulate tools and other small objects.

The Tarafos weave intricate structures built almost entirely out of their own naturally produced silk which rivals the strength of steel. Most of the surface of their planet is covered in large buildings and other structures made of this silk, and they have also adapted to living underground where they grow their crops with the aid of geothermal heat.

Living colonially, Tarafos come in a variety of sizes depending on their family lineage. Smaller Tarafos are sometimes mistaken as hatchlings.