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Drussiray are an avianesque species native to the planet Zema found in the South Arm of the Crucible Galaxy. They were created by an Omni named Spodan by using preserved DNA from an Arckasian species known as the Iztur.


Drussiray are originally from the planet Zema which was also the homeworld of the Iztur one billion years ago. Spodan was among the Omni researchers looking to create and spread life all throughout the Crucible Galaxy to engineer willing subjects to carry out Emperor Haraxa’s will. Having found a viable DNA sample of an Arckasian species, Spodan could not pass up the opportunity to bring it back to life. Because the DNA samples were incomplete, Spodan had to combine DNA samples from other species and thus created the Drussiray.

Drussiray are all female and reproduce through parthenogenesis. This was not the case with the Iztur, but rather a side effect of the incomplete DNA. Because Zema had changed from a jungle world into an arid desert in one billion years, Drussiray were shaped to adapt to the new environment. They have tall, thin builds and a light, plate-like skin akin to an exoskeleton or a carapace.

Zema has low gravity and high oxygen. Thus, Drussiray are capable of gliding and riding wind currents. Drussiray can also breathe fire thanks to a set of organs that hold chemicals that when mixed will combust. This is a common trait among life native to Zema which has thermosynthetic plants.


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