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"So many of them claimed themselves to have highly advanced technology. And yet they lay here as mere husks of what they once were. Spodan may have let them go, but these archives prove a testimony to their legacy."
―Timirae Teymp, Drussiray explorer and philosopher

The Spodan Archives are a database located on the planet Horanine, the homeworld of the extinct Larrax species.


Some years before the Battle of Domum Regimen, the Second Drussiray Empire made a remarkable discovery. They found a jumpgate connected to a planet on the other side of the galaxy called Horanine where an extinct species known as the Larrax once lived. The Larrax had created a massive database of species that lived in an golden era from more than eight hundred years prior, but the species listed on this database have either gone missing or have withdrawn themselves into hiding. This database was nicknamed the Spodan Archives after the Drussiray’s god as it was a gift of enlightenment to them.

During the war between the Imperial Alliance and the Buyuk Empire, the Drussiray decided to sell secrets listed in the Spodan Archives for money. However, they could not maintain the monopoly for long as one of those secrets was the coordinates to Domum Regimen, an ancient megastructure containing a jumpgate hub that would lead to all the locations listed in the Spodan Archives. It seemed that the Spodan Archives were in fact a backup database of the original one suspected to be at Domum Regimen. Not only that, but Domum Regimen was suspected to be a critical location of Buyuk operations.

However, with enough backhanded negotiations and bribes, the Drussiray did indeed provide the location of Domum Regimen, and thus, the battle that would change the course of the galaxy’s history. Not only did it lead to the formation of a new Galactic Senate but also a golden age of archaeological discoveries of forgotten civilizations that came before.

Contents of the Spodan Archives

The Spodan Archives contains information about the First Galactic Senate and other polities that were known to exist to the Larrax at the time.