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Larrax are a feline species that are the creators of the Spodan Archives.


The languages and the dialects of the Larrax is considered one of the most critical aspects of galactic history. The Spodan Archives detail the accounts of many historical events and describe captive specimens all in the Larrax's native language. The more one understands their language, the more one can understand the meaning of their archives.

Larrax speak with a series of meows, chirps, hisses and body movements. To the untrained ear, they sound hardly different from animalistic grunts, but the subtle pitch changes, timbre and accents can create a vast multitude of different phrases that can convey complex ideas. There are more than one million known words in the Prime dialect.

There is no direct written equivalent of the Larrax language. Many archives use holograms to convey their ideas, but they also use a separate written language called Skriliac. Skriliac consists of a series of glyphs that resemble scratch marks and dots. Sentences are formed in circular, non-linear patterns with new words being added around the circumference. It is thought this form of writing originated from ancient Larrax marking their territory by kneading a specific spot with their claws.

Non-native speakers find the Larrax language as well as Skriliac both very difficult. Most Larrax, however, understand other alien languages very well and are willing to hold bilingual conversations.