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General information
Status Isolated
Native to Lurayun
Diet OmnivorousBlack scales
Symmetry Bilateral
Lifespan 90 years
Description Methane-based physiology

The Katrakhan are a roving alien species with no known unified government. After the collapse of their civilization, many Katrakhan sought to a nomadic life style of salvaging.


Katrakhan are muscular humanoids with large forearms with six digits at the end. They are native to the frigid world Lurayun which is covered in 75% hydrocarbon oceans. Thus, they cannot survive in low pressure, nitrogen-oxygen environments without pressure suits. As a result, much of their internal biology remains a mystery, though they have been compared to similar, methane-based life forms.


One of the predominant techniques of conquest by early Katrakhan dictators was through enslavement. With natural gas in extreme abundance, one-fourth of the planet would eventually be transformed into factories. They kept it this way through fear; anyone who would dare voice their opinion would be slowly killed right in front of crowds of people. For years, no successful uprising had taken place until much later. Neras Omega would be the last dictator of this short-lived government.

As Neras Omega expanded his empire, he grew in power and soon other races feared him. Then, one Katrakhan questioned his status as a slave when an overseer was not around. Soon, other Katrakhan agreed and slowly, opposition began forming greater than any time in the race's history. Soon, the Katrakhan Revolt began, and many rebels were able to free themselves. A long, brutal war soon followed.

The rebels destroyed their own colonies to get free, leaving many ruins across the star cluster. Soon enough, only Lurayun itself was left. The remaining rebels gathered and bombarded their own home. By importing large amounts of flammable gases into the atmosphere, the whole planet was set aflame, destroying all life on the planet.

About 300 years after these events, the Katrakhan had reached a population of 20 billion scattered throughout the galaxy