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General information
Status Thriving
Native to Cielna
Diet Herbivorous
Symmetry Bilateral
Lifespan 60 years
Description Reptilian, ammonia-based

Chyrians are sapient creatures native to the super-Earth Cielna, which is located in the binary system known as Kartijn. They are a subject species of the Union of Eteno Socialist States and were discovered by the UESS during the Chyrians' early industrial age.

Physiology and behavior

The planet Cielna supports a rare, ammonia-based ecology with temperatures maintained at 50 degrees Celsius through high air pressure. This allows creatures to grow to large sizes, although the Chyrians need envirosuits when traveling in environments with air pressures near 1 atm. Low air pressure will cause a Chyrian's skin to split open.

Chyrians are herbivorous albeit aggressive creatures. They are 10 meter tall reptilian bipeds with no true arms, although in the front of their face are five, flexible cartilaginous appendages. These appendages are bioluminescent, capable of glowing between red, green and blue. They have four eyes arranged in a manner to allow wide peripheral and stereoscopic vision. Air bladders in their cranium and through their back are filled with methane. The bottoms of their feet are made of a soft, cushioning material to serve the role of shock absorption.

Chyrians are cold-blooded reptiles as well with the heat of their environment supporting their body temperature. To support their body weight in the high gravity, within the backs of their craniums are air bladders filled with methane and light, spongy material.

Males will often sport large tusks as well as protruding foreheads. In the nomadic history of the Chyrians before contact with other races, dominant males would lead massive extended families of up to 100 members to new resources.

Although Chyrians are slow and cautious, they will become highly aggressive if their territory is infringed upon or they are attacked or threatened in any way.