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General information
Status Isolated
Native to Lethun
Diet CarnivorousBlack scales
Symmetry Bilateral
Lifespan 50 years
Description Quadrapeds with three eyes

The Klymu are a sapient species from the planet Lethun in the South Arm of the Crucible Galaxy.


Klymu are quadruped creatures with strong, plated bodies. They have arched backs and thick, yet elongated limbs supported by strong calcium bones with traces of iron. They are capable of standing on their hind legs for a few moments, although they are far more agile in the water. Their feet consist of flat fingers with suction cups - they share a common ancestor with smaller, tree dwelling reptiles.

A Klymu's head is at the end of a short neck. They have binocular vision as well as a large snout with powerful jaws. Their eyes can protrude outward and rotate 180 degrees for extra visibility, giving them a wide range of vision.

Due to Lethun's high gravity, Klymu are actually quadrupedal, with their forearms evolving for extra support. However, their weight distribution and strong legs allow them to temporarily stand on two legs. However, they are far more agile in the water and can hold their breathe for over 100 hours. They heavily rely on stealth when hunting.

Klymu also have a third eye on the back of their head which allows them to detect subtle changes in air pressure and temperature. This allows them to prepare for Lethun's drastic seasonal changes.

The average Klymu is expected to live for 50 years, though they can breed as early as age 10.


Notable Klymu