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"It is the place where reality dies."
―Unknown Taroran
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Locubrermour was the headquarters of the Buyuk Empire and where INFRA coordinated his attacks. "Locubrermour" is the old Taroran word for the location which literally translated to "the place where reality dies".

Locubremour is a pocket dimension with curious topography. It is only accessible by way of an archailect-powered supergate located near the galactic core of Crucible. It has spherical geometry and appears to be bound within the confines of "planck foam". This then begs the question as to where the excess heat generated by INFRA's space cooling and the star around which its starcophagus is built is meant to go. The heat seems to disperse out through the planck foam back into our dimension.

Charted but never explored, a cluster of star systems orbiting close to the supermassive black hole at the core appear to be exceptionally hotter than they should be. The MFUESSNDSSO believes this region is Locubremour's heat sink. The gradual reduction in heat content around the stellar cluster in question after the collapse of Locubrermour supports this hypothesis but no further exploration of the concept appears to be possible.