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Omni 01 is the designated name of the prime universe of Galactic Crucibles.


The term "Omni" specifically refers to any universe that the Omniverse Nexus or any of its variants had contact with. It can also refer to the Omni Empire who named themselves after the Omniverse Nexus after discovering the origins of the Empire of Arckas.

The number and/or set of letters that follow it can mean anything. The general rule is that the more different the number is from

General history

Main article: Timeline of Omni 01

While most history of Omni 01 is known through the Crucible Galaxy and its satellites, the universe was far more expansive and had at least 100 billion galaxies. The only known entities to have traveled well beyond the Crucible Galaxy's galactic cluster was the Empire of Arckas who had mastered interuniversal travel and communicated with other variants of itself. However, after the Multiversal War, a decision was reached to isolate Omni 01 from the rest of the multiverse in order to protect it against a rogue god machine known as the Basilisk. As such, contact with other universes fell into myth as did the Empire of Arckas itself after they were forced to leave Omni 01 entirely due to the Heat Death Crisis.

List of known galaxies

Known variants

There are an infinite amount of variants of Omni 01, but researchers throughout the history of the Crucible Galaxy have managed to document several of them.

  • Omni 01Z - An otherwise near identical copy of Omni 01 except in this one, the god machine LUCIS was successful in taking over and spreading beyond the Crucible Galaxy during the events of the Chaos Crisis. As such, due to convergent history, LUCIS would amass enough computational power to evolve into a variant of the Basilisk. One of the main differences between this version of Omni 01 and the prime universe was the presence of several species. Due to small changes in the patterns in which the Empire of Arckas seeded the galaxy with life, some species exist in one universe but not the other.
  • Omni 02 - This universe is similar to Omni 01 although slightly different laws of thermodynamics allowed for the existence of exotic technologies that would otherwise not be possible in Omni 01. In this universe, the Empire of Arckas was destroyed in this universe by the Harbingers, servants of the Basilisk that were telepathically linked. As such, the timeline of evolution was greatly altered resulting in many species having entirely different appearances. For example, the alternate counterpart to the Vaikan were the Dhragolon, a humanoid reptilian species with wings. Additionally, god machines came to be known as Titans, and they took a much more active role in the development of different species.
  • Omni 02A - A branching timeline from Omni 02 where Etah Owar kills INFRA in Locubrermour. The death of the Harbingers allowed the Basilisk to return and destroy the universe. Refugees from this universe fled to Omni 01.
  • Omni 02B - A branching timeline from Omni 02 where Etah Owar decides to spare INFRA and let him get away in interest of keeping the Basilisk at bay. Infra turns the Dhragolon into the next incarnation of Harbingers leading to a chain of events culminating into the Third Galactic War. While this universe was spared, it resulted in the total collapse of galactic society.
  • Omni 03 - A parallel universe where the Empire of Arckas was ruled by the Anarsaur species, the future version of the Fadorva in Omni 01. They shared knowledge peacefully with the Empire of Arckas counterparts in Omni 01. Due to the Anarsaurs' advanced technology, it is possible that the Anarsaurs in Omni 03 are the same ones in Omni 01, having started colonization of other universes.
  • Omni 04 - In this universe, the Dhragolon committed genocide against all species of the Crucible Galaxy in the name of a holy crusade to cleanse it of sin.
  • Omni 05 - A universe that had another copy of the Empire of Arckas, but the worlds they seeded were completely different, resulting in a completely different galactic history. They were one of the counterparts to the Omni 01 version that the two shared knowledge with.
  • Omni 05A - Similar to its parent universe of Omni 05, but the species were different. The civilizations that followed the Empire of Arckas had a much further spread beyond the Crucible Galaxy.
  • Omni 06 - This universe had a more malevolently inclined Empire of Arckas that directly and willingly built the Basilisk.
  • Omni 07 - The home universe of the Kwek species which at one point ruled at least 100 million galaxies. They were one of the first invasion targets of the Basilisk, and when they were conquered, it gave rise to the Serpent's Fang cult.
  • Omni Gomodd-A - A universe that the god machine Gomodd was banished to after his disruptive outrage over not being allowed to introduce the Malexemplum species to Omni 01. Thus, Gomodd shaped his own separate universe where the Malexemplum could thrive. Further variants of this universe include simulations run by Gomodd where the Malexemplum triumph over every foe they have faced. Notably, the Basilisk ignored this universe as it deemed the Malexemplum unsuitable for subjugation.