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General information
Status Unknown
Native to Nierdro

The Anarsaur species are an alternate version of the Fadorva from the Omni 03 universe. In their home universe, the Anarsaur species leads a large empire on technological par with the Empire of Arckas. The Anarsaur Empire dedicates itself to containing the Basilisk to prevent it from infesting other universes.


The Anarsaurs were a fairly tall species, averaging two meters in height, and weighing an average of 108 kg at moderate fitness levels. Naturally they possessed up to fourteen elongated horns, about 90 cm in length, down their backs, hence their official name. Normally however, these horns were kept trimmed down to a mere 8 cm. They have scales and are a variety of colors, the four most common colors are: green with red backs, blue with green backs, black with blue backs, and an ashy gray with red backs. They have wings that span of just over two meters.

They stood on two three clawed feet, in an upright humanoid stance. They had cat-like eyes, and several frills which varied in length depending on gender and genetics. They appeared almost like hair, due to their volume and thickness, except for their color and texture. Their legs were a sturdy therapod-like stance. They had complete control over their tails.

Anarsaurs were carnivores and were typically made almost entirely of muscle with very little if any fat. A typical Anarsaur diet consisted of about 3000 calories. They slept only 4 hours per every 24 hours, and when they did, their bodies remain fully active. Their elbows were double jointed, allowing for intricate hand to hand combat. On average, a Anarsaur's kick could exert enough force to break reinforced steel. Their scales protected them from most unintentional cuts. Their bones were made of an iron-quartz composite material.