Temporal Wars

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The Temporal Wars was a conflict that took place shortly after the end of the Battle of Locubrermour. INFRA had been defeated, and the reawakening of LUCIS had been delayed by several decades.


It began when a rogue Anarsaur named Tyranis traveled from the Omni 03 universe - an alternate timeline where the Fadorva species took up the mantle of founding a new version of the Empire of Arckas, eventually evolving into the Anarsaurs over hundreds of thousands of years. Aeveon, patron god machine of the Anarsaurs, had made a calculation that the Omni 01 universe would become threatened by the arrival of the Basilisk in approximately 100 years. Thus, as a means of attempting to contain the Basilisk, Tyranis invaded with his legion of followers in an attempt to force the calculated course of history to change to prevent the construction of the Basilisk. The rest of the Anarsaurs would follow Tyranis and attempt to stop him as he was violating their laws regarding the interference of other timelines.

Tyranis' original plan was to locate the hidden LUCIS nodes and destroy them, as the timeline prediction showed that once LUCIS gained enough power, he would evolve to become a variant of the Basilisk. However, this meant that among Tyranis' list of targets were major population centers such as Domum Regimen.


For the Second Galactic Senate, they would come to the terrible realization that their war against LUCIS was far from over. He posed not just a threat to the Crucible Galaxy, but the rest of the multiverse. As such, search efforts for the location of the fabled planet of Debesis went underway. The planet was said to be the location of where LUCIS was originally built by the Omni Empire - archeological records supported the existence of the planet, but its location remained completely unknown until the discovery of an ancient data module.