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Debesis is located in the Ramphas Dwarf Galaxy in the PL 4040 system. Located about 100,000 lightyears from Crucible Galaxy, Debesis once served as a waypoint between the Crucible and Ske'en galaxies. While the Ramphas Dwarf Galaxy is fairly unremarkable in terms of resources, Debesis itself was a major Omni tradeport. It grew to become an ecumenopolis by profiting from the trade between the galaxies.

When the Omni Empire collapsed, access to Debesis was lost. Most of the jumpgates leading to it were damaged or rendered inactive. Today, only one functional albeit inactive jumpgate located in Greenwater leads to Debesis. As a result, the planet remained untouched by looters for tens of thousands of years making it one of the most well-preserved Omni ruins ever found.

While a tantalizing prospect to scholars and looters alike, Debesis is dangerous in that it is home to the mainframe where LUCIS can be reactivated from. Computational nodes run deep into the planet's crust to serve as processing power. However, these nodes run so deep that some believe that Debesis is not a natural planet, but instead a megastructure similar to Domum Regimen. Were that true, LUCIS's computational power could exceed what Na'zrah managed to do in the brief time he reawakened during the end of the Buyuk Wars.