PL 4040 system

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PL 4040 system
Spectral type M3
Age 7 billion years
Size 0.4 solar masses
Surface temperature 3082 K
Diameter 0.4 solar diameters
Stars 1
Planets 6
Moons 2
Polities disputed

PL 4040 is a star system in the Ramphas Dwarf Galaxy. It is an M-class red dwarf star with six planets. It is noteworthy in that it is the only habitable system in the entire galaxy. All other stars in the vicinity have a metallicity that is far too low to form planets. Despite the rest of the galaxy being unremarkable, it is thought that this star system was once used as a waypoint between the Crucible Galaxy and the Ske'en Galaxy. A cluster of broken jumpgates orbit the far edge of the system with deposits of ygsium.

Although PL 4040 is considered a red dwarf, the surface temperature of the star gives it an orange hue when viewed at close proximity.


PL 4040 b

PL 4040 b is a close orbiting planet with no atmosphere. At such a close distance to its star, PL 4040 b experiences intense tidal heating. It is a poor candidate for mining for this reason.

PL 4040 c

PL 40404 c is a close orbiting ice giant. Debris found within the planet's orbit suggests that it was once used for helium-3 mining by the Omni Empire.

PL 4040 d

PL 4040 d is at least four Earth masses. It is a brutally inhospitable pressure cooker hothouse with an atmosphere filled with carbon dioxide, fueled by volcanic activity.

PL 4040 e

Although PL 4040 e is within the habitable zone, it is inhabited by nothing more than microbial life. Today, its surface is coated with iron oxide, making it appear red. Scattered across the surface are numerous large craters which are believed to be artificial, suggesting that it was either a test site for new weapons or an ancient battle ground.

PL 4040 f (Debesis)

Main article: Debesis

Debesis is one of the few fully intact Omni ruins with many facilities still functioning. It is thought it grew in trade from being a waypoint between galaxies and thus, it is home to many relics untouched for tens of thousands of years. Debesis is also home to the mainframe that begins the reboot process for LUCIS. It is thought that the computational network goes far beneath the planet's surface to the point where some believe Debesis to not be a naturally formed planet, but instead a megastructure not unlike Domum Regimen.

PL 4040 g

PL 4040 g is a rocky super-Earth with a gravity of 7G. It has a solid iron core, and it is littered with abandoned mine shafts.