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Gomodd is a god machine from alternate version of Omni 01. Like many god machines during the Empire of Arckas's time, Gomodd desired to create other civilizations. He drafted a proposal to create a species known as the Malexemplum - a species self-described as a perfect, peaceful utopia above the concepts of crime and war while being superior in morality to every species. When submitting this proposal to the Omniverse Nexus, it was flatly rejected for being too overpowered in comparison to other developing civilizations - meaning the Malexemplum could disrupt the evolution of all organic life. This left Gomodd furious as he tried to circumvent the rules set forth regarding the creation of other civilizations but was banished from his native universe into another one for his disruptive conduct.

In the new universe, Gomodd created the Malexemplum without any oversight from the Omniverse Nexus, unintentionally causing the destruction of every civilization in that universe. The Malexemplum were far too powerful and either assimilated or destroyed all other species it came across. This had the Omniverse Nexus initially concerned that the Malexemplum could pose a threat to the whole multiverse like the Basilisk. Thankfully, due to differing laws of thermodynamics and the general inexperience on behalf of Gomoddd, none of the Malexemplum were able to leave their universe, and the problem contained itself. In fact, the Basilisk deliberately chose to ignore the Malexemplum's universe as it deemed them unworthy of subjugation. Being little more than an entire species of virtually identical caricatures with no individual personalities, the Malexemplum were not considered sentient by the Basilisk's criteria, and thus, their neural energy was essentially worthless.

Despite being spared by the Basilisk, Gomodd never felt more insulted, being denied the chance to have the Malexemplum defeating the greatest evil in the multiverse. However, this did not stop Gomodd from running his own simulations of the Malexemplum triumphing over the Basilisk.