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"Sacrifice not just your life, but also your traditional sense of morality so that the innocent don't have to."
―Na'zratal creed

The Na'zratal (in the Aeliph language translates to either Infinite Judgement or Judgement of God) are a military-religious organization that zealously fights in the name of Na'zrah. During the early days of the Empire of Arckas, they were an order of knights that were at the frontlines, fighting the Basilisk and protecting Na'zrah nodes from being corrupted by using technomancy. The Na'zratal are considered the darkest secret of the Empire of Arckas. An otherwise peaceful civilization resorting to ruthless methods to protect others. Na'zratal can be of multiple species though the most common are either Aeliph, Mavetians and even some synthetic life forms.


The Na'zratal began as a breakaway sect of Majar-kan who were more willing to resort to extreme methods to ensure the Empire of Arckas' lifestyle could survive. This meant that they sacrificed their own individuality and freedom to become truly and utterly devoted to keeping Omni 01 safe. They genetically altered and indoctrinated themselves to be highly efficient killing machines. Although often regarded as cruel, they determine their choices based on negative utilitarianism. They are known to have destroyed entire planets and wiped out entire civilizations to prevent them from becoming proxies to the Baslisk. They do not just kill other sentient beings but also completely wipe any sort of computational data or AI's, getting rid of anything that the Basilisk is able to use.

One of their most infamous implants stores a small cache of Anathema in their brain. Upon death, the Anathema deploy and completely and utterly destroy their bodies - including their consciousness. This prevents the Basilisk from absorbing their consciousness and condemning them to become part of the Basilisk's computational hivemind - a state of being where even in death, a sentient being experiences endless pain as their awareness remains active afterward. That is, the Na'zratal consider oblivion to be a more merciful alternative to death at the hands of the Basilisk.

Some societies that have witnessed the Na'zratl's work often describe them as Angels of Death. They were greatly feared as although they wished to protect sentient life across the universe, anyone could get caught in the crossfire.