Order of Kranekon

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The Order of Kranekon (literal translation: Order of the Shadow Spirit People) is an organization of monks native to the region of Malin on the planet Ucharpli. Their leader is chosen by whom they believe has the spirit of the Shadow Sentinel within them which passes on from generation to generation. One notable Shadow Sentinel who played a key role in fighting against the Black Shadow Clan was Grahnato.

Their organization was founded during the Second Age of the Vaikan. According to their spiritual beliefs, the Shadow Sentinel himself is believed to have roamed the cosmos since the beginning of time with the single goal of acquiring everlasting knowledge.


The Kranekon have a very loose structure, and they are relatively few in number. They determine their leader by whoever they believe is the reincarnation of the Shadow Sentinel, a powerful spirit, which according to legend, is an immortal spirit that quests for everlasting knowledge.

Another major class of Kranekon is the scribe. They seek to document history using only facts and truths. As a result, the Kranekon are nomadic, travelling across Malin to learn what they can.

The Kranekon have no central meeting spot that they regularly return to. When they must meet, they are usually able to track each other down relying on their instincs, which they believe is feeling the presence of the Shadow Sentinel.


The Order of Kranekon teaches the way of balance. They believe that order and chaos are two sides of the same coin, and both must exist to preserve the future. Often, this leads to the misconception that the organization lacks conviction, but they promote neutrality. They consider themselves neither good nor evil, chaotic nor lawful.

They teach that the preservation of oneself is important to the streams of balance. They believe that going to one extreme end of the spectrum will cloud one's judgement.


As the Kranekon are a neutral organization, they do what is best for the continuity of preserving balance, changing sides when they deem necessary. They will provide guidance to those who seek it, but they must do something for the Kranekon in return. The Kranekon do not accept money as they desire favors instead.