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Grahnato is a Vaikan known for being the Shadow Sentinel of the Order of Kranekon during the Black Shadow Clan Conflicts. While he is an actual historical figure, his exploits have been heavily mythologized and reinterpreted over the many thousands of years since his lifetime.


According to legend, Grahnato appeared ageless, neither young nor old as a result to possessing the knowledge of the Shadow Sentinel. Though he knows many things, some from outside the order criticize him for lacking conviction. Grahnato strictly maintains his own neutrality, taking courses of actions only when he deems necessary.


The myths of Grahnato claim that he is descended from a great hero that led an army against a nigh-unstoppable force in the previous world. This hero sacrificed his own body to be able to pass down his knowledge long after that previous world perished. Thus, the manifestation of this knowledge became known as the Shadow Sentinel.

Grahnato was said to have inherited the knowledge of the Shadow Sentinel after proving his worth as the leader for his organization.


Ahrganot Skizgo particularly saw Grahnato as a role model. His combat style of staying in the shadows as an assassin is heavily influenced by what he read about him..