Ahrganot Skizgo

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Ahrganot Skizgo
Ahrganot wearing a GSSOC uniform
Born 25 BDR
Died Unknown
Occupation Soldier in Karalian Legion
Organization Galactic Senate Special Operations Corps
Species Vaikan
Height 6'2"
Weight 150 lb

Ahrganot Skizgo is a member of the Galactic Senate Special Operations Corps.

Early life

Ahrganot was genetically created in the city of Samoran in the region of Malin on planet Ucharpli. His parents Duro and Tokara Skizgo who were struggling financially decided to have him created purely for the sake of tax deductions. They had very little attachment to him, and they did not get along. After only a few years, Ahrganot was put up for adoption as his parents didn’t want him anymore. Ahrganot lived the rest of his childhood at the Barani Orphanage where other similar children with no parental guardians stayed.

When Ahrganot entered his adolescent years, he moved into his own apartment where he would attend the fabled Malinian Combat Institution, hoping to make a name for himself. There, he became friendly rivals with Kaden Wezga whom he saw as a brother. During one assignment, they crossed the Frozen Wasteland and visited the Ice Temple, an ancient Omni structure. Kaden had uncovered a never before seen relic that resembled Buyuk technology.

Eventually, Kaden Wezga got deep into studying the Buyuk and began to develop rather extremist views, suddenly believing the Buyuk Empire was in the right. Ahrganot realized that Kaden was getting indoctrinated by the Buyuk relic, and having no choice, turned him over to the authorities where Kaden was charged for treason. Kaden saw this as a betrayal and vowed revenge.

Wanting to believe that Kaden was only misguided, he set about to try to make things right by joining the military. He would be able to take up arms and fight against the Buyuk Empire.