Amulet of the Tokarthi

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The Amulet of the Tokarthi (also known as the Amulet of Fifth Dimensional Perception) is a powerful piece of technology bestowed to the Tokarthi by their god machine king Selvarius. The Tokarthi, before their near extinction, sealed the last of them in their ancient city Lymuria on the planet Ashadra. Guarded by several vicious beasts and protected by an assortment of traps, the amulet was designated to only be usable by those whom Selvarius deemed worthy. Particularly, someone who could be trusted use its power to protect the universe.

The current wielder of the Amulet is Galiana Arcad who completed the trials approximately ten years before the Battle of Domum Regimen.

Known Wielders

Powers of the Amulet

Wearing the amulet allows one to borrow Selvarius' power of fifth dimensional perception. By interfacing with Selvarius' systems, the amulet allows its user to predict the future by witnessing millions of different possible outcomes of certain scenarios. While similar predictive AI technology exists among member species of the Second Galactic Senate, such AI is only limited by whatever information is fed to it. The amulet theoretically has no such limit as it is in fact viewing other universes.

However, the processing of so much information is mentally taxing to a normal organic mind, and as such will send the wielder into a coma if worn for too long. The worst recorded scenarios involved some Tokarthi acquiring a dangerous form of solipsism as they lose track of what is and what isn't real. Similar effects have also been observed on synthetic life interfacing with the device. As such, it is thought that the most optimal way to make use of the amulet is to have a strong-willed mind.

Despite the amulet's versatile predictive abilities, it has an intentional dampening effect programmed into it. It will deliberately attempt to ignore universes that contain iterations of the Basilisk as knowing about these universes is considered a cognitohazard.


Originally created by the Tokarthi's ancestors - the Aeliph, the amulet has its origins as standard issue equipment used by members of the Majar-kan from the Empire of Arckas. Known practical uses included police investigations to predict the likely locations of the actions of a person of interest. It was also used in combat as a means of predicting the strategies of their opponents.

After the fall of the Empire of Arckas, the majority of these amulets were lost. While Tokarthi archaeologists recovered approximately one million samples, all of them were too damaged to be of any practical use. However, this was enough in an attempt to reconstruct a single amulet using scattered bits of source code as well as reverse engineering from various systems located in the core of Rephaim - the Tokarthi homeworld which had been a Na'zrah node in the past.

With only a single working amulet, the Tokarthi chose to treat it as a sacred relic to only be used by those whom they deem worthy. As such, they created an elaborate series of trials that must be completed in order to be granted access to it. These trials would later be completed by Galiana Arcad.

During the Battle of Locubrermour, the amulet was damaged during the assault on INFRA's main power source. When Galiana initially took it back to Selvarius, the amulet was physically repaired but several source code corruptions were missed during the repair process. As such, the next time Galiana used the amulet, she discovered the dampening effect had been disabled, allowing her to see into more dangerous universes. This exposed Galiana to the sight of the Basilisk, and she self-quarantined, refusing to talk about what she saw. Nonetheless, the event got the attention of the Anarsaurs from Omni 03 who had the means of monitoring the uses of the amulet. These events would eventually lead to the start of the Temporal Wars.