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Archpriestess Galiana (also known by her Ashadran name Katia Matveev) was one of the four prominent members of the Galactic Senate Special Operations Corps. As an Ashadran, she was born with the ability to sense electromagnetic transmissions - hearing the voices of the Tokarthi consciousness known as Selvarius. She originates from a culture where military ranks have religious connotations due to the connection with Selvarius.


Galiana was born in the Ashadra province of Matveev. However, when she was a child, Galiana lost her home to a group of indoctrinated Ashadrans who called themselves the Harvesters. These Harvesters raided her village to kidnap civilians to acquire their organs and body parts which contained traces of Buyuk-encoded DNA useful for their computational needs. Galiana, though to be the only survivor of the attack, was taken in by the Delson Gal Us to be raised in Delson culture. Gal Us bestowed the name "Galiana Arcad" upon her, naming her after a famous city on Delse of the same name.

She served their military, earning more than a few commendations for her efforts. Galiana has also survived being a POW for 6 months. By coincidence, she had also met Ahrganot Skizgo in the line of duty when at that point he had only served a year.

After Galiana's tenth year of service, an invasion force of Harvesters led by Y'knahn attacked the Ashadran colony of Moritza. She personally insisted on going there so that other Ashadrans would not share the same fate of her own home. During the mission, Galiana was critically injured by plasma blast that permanently blinded her.

Galiana went through approximately two years of physical rehabilitation with the assistance of nano repairs. In spite of being blind, her other senses combined with her ability to perceive electromagnetic wavelengths made her very attune to the physical world. She claims that her experience at Moritza has allowed her to see more clearly than ever before, and she was able to resume her military service. Only shortly after, GSSOC sought her out and recruited her for both her combat skills and her insight on Buyuk technology.