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General information
Status Isolated
Native to Razanna
Diet Omnivorous
Symmetry Bilateral
Lifespan Unknown
Description Genetically enhanced with organic material, collective intelligence

The Harvesters are an offshoot of mutated Ashadrans from the namesake Harvester Quarantine Zone. They are infamously known for attacking other Ashadrans to harvest their Buyuk-encoded DNA which they claim gives them strength and adds to their collective intelligence. Despite being physically similar to normal Ashadrans, they have modified themselves so extensively that they are a completely different species.


Harvesters are native to the moon Razanna which orbits a gas giant that emits lethal radiation. They live beneath their icy home world in large, subterranean network of tunnels heated by geothermal vents and lit up by bioluminescent plants. Large networks of underground rivers flow beneath the surface.

Razanna was originally an Ashadran colony, and before that, it was an abandoned outpost for the Buyuk Empire who had previously taken an interest in observing the tribes of Varnox on the planet Rhanca. The Ashadrans, having spent too much time in close proximity to the Buyuk tech, eventually became mentally indoctrinated and began to serve the will of the Buyuk. Thus, they heavily modified themselves to be fit as instruments of the Buyuk's will.