Karnasian First Union

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Karnasian Union
Anaoran Karnasus
c. 40,000 BDR–38,295 BDR File:3by2white.svg
Capital Karnas
Languages Ancient Taralian
Ethnic groups Taroran
Government Unitary absolute elective monarchy
 -  c. 40,000 – 39,978 BDR Ēfilerus Perunorel
 -  38,307 – 38,295 BDR Tamdyan Arfurd
Legislature Congress of the Honourable
 -  Unification of Seolu c. 40,000 BDR
 -  Rebellion of the Dawn 38,295 BDR

The Karnasian First Union (Taralian: Redran Anaoran Karnasus), officially the Karnasian Union (Anaoran Karnasus) was the first united government of the Taroran nation. Formed in c. 40,000 BDR as a result of the unification of Seolu, the First Union lasted for approximately 2,000 years, after which it and the meritocratic hierarchy upon which it was founded was overthrown in the Rebellion of the Dawn. In 38,295 BDR, the Union was replaced by the Taroran Republic.