Buyuk Civil War

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The Buyuk Civil War was a major series of conflicts that took place after LUCIS entered sleep. The conflict started at approximately 40,828 BDR.


After the Omni Empire collapsed and the super AI LUCIS was shut down, a backup protocol took place where one of LUCIS's agents, an AI known as INFRA was tasked by wiping the Omni from the face of the galaxy. With the Omni now on close watch and expecting attacks from LUCIS's agents, INFRA knew he couldn't attack them directly with the limited resources he had. He decided it was best to go dark and build numbers by using a client species known as the Ghorax - one of the few known species native to the Galactic Core Zone where the Omni had not thoroughly explored due to the massive amounts of radiation.

INFRA approached the Ghorax to invite them to join peacefully to enlighten them with the knowledge of the sleeping god LUCIS. A zealous polity known as the Buyuk Empire decided to take hold of INFRA's philosophy and willingly subjugate themselves to his will. They accepted INFRA's offerings of knowledge about cybernetic implants that would make them able to survive in almost any environment, but also connect them to INFRA's hive mind so that whenever INFRA willed it, those with the implants would obey his orders without question. Having almost total control of all territories where the Ghorax lived, they faced almost no outside resistance. Internally however, not all citizens within the empire complied, and thus a rebellion force was formed. Historians have referred to the two factions as Cyborgs - supporters of INFRA, and the Anti-Machines - those who were part of the rebellion.

List of major battles


As the Cyborgs were extremely close to being referred to as hive-minded, they had the immediate advantage over the Anti-Machines. The Cyborgs were able to coordinate attacks faster although they lacked concern over individual losses. Their initial victories simply came through overwhelming numbers.

The Anti-Machines temporarily turned the tide of the war under the leadership of brave individuals such as Gro'zorg.

Unfortunately, the resistance did not last long. Soon enough, the Cyborgs invented the Racuna - an uncurable, nano virus that caused cellular degeneration unless countered with cybernetic implants, though it had some side effects. Effectively, this sterilized nearly all Ghorax. While the Cyborgs could still reproduce by assimilating others, the Anti-Machines would slowly die out.

To put a stop to the rebellion once and for all, the Cyborgs rounded up all the Anti-Machines they could find, putting them in camps. They either gave them the choice of being implanted or executed. Some of the Anti-Machines including Gro'zorg escaped from Cyborg territory. His ship crash landed on a remote planet Odalegnoc in the Kyutha system where he was buried in ice and presumed dead.


With the Anti-Machine resistance crushed, all remaining Ghorax in the Buyuk Empire became Cyborgs. Thus, they came to the collective decision to take over the Crucible Galaxy by exterminating the Omni Empire, an event simply known as the Omni Extermination. The sudden rise of the Buyuk Empire would take the Omni by surprise thus leading to a one-sided war. With the fall of the Omni Empire, the Buyuk Empire remained unopposed for nearly 40,000 years - until the rise of the First Galactic Senate and the Karnasians.