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The Kingdom of Elkrari is one of many civilizations on the planet Ashadra. It is home to the ethnic group of Ashadrans known as Elkrarians. Governed by the High Mages, the capital city is Annakrar which has ancient roots as a medieval town with a large castle as its centerpiece. The Elkrarians developed and refined their Maj capabilities which due to their Ashadran physiology also included the ability to manipulate nanobots. Early in their history, due to a loss of contact with Selvarius, they did not fully understand how their Maj abilities worked on a scientific level and thus, interpreted it to be magic.

Medieval Elkrari is a featured location of the Myth Galaxy MMO. Their mythologies are among those that serve as a basis for the game's magic system.


Elkrarians are shorter than the average Ashadran. This is likely due to them initially involving in a harsh environment with very little food available. Their ears are also much longer than most other Ashadrans.


The Elkrarians are polytheistic, believing that many gods exist for specific tasks. The ruler of all gods is named Ma'jzh who controls the flows of Maj throughout the universe which is comprised of numerous planes. They do not appear to recognize Selvarius as part of their religion, viewing him as a pretender.

As they view their Maj abilities as genuine magic, they have come to refer to practioners as Mages. They make use of staves to assist in channeling their abilities.

Elkrarians also deny having evolved from anything as they instead believe their gods created them. While this is technically true in that the Ashadrans were created by the Tokarthi through genetically engineering the Vaikan, they do not recognize the concept of Darwinian evolution.


Unusual for the development of most cultures in the Crucible Galaxy, the Elkrarians discovered how to use wormholes to travel to other planets long before the development of spacecraft. This was due to reverse engineering Tokarthi technology with the assistance of AI's. Among the planets they discovered was Chthurag, home to the hostile Garrkorian species. They made contact with the Vaikan on one of their remote colonies. However, as these experiments required tremendous amount of energy, they were very limited to how far they could explore.