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Solania ("Time's Exile" in Kassite language) is a planet orbiting the black hole Wrathful Warden. Time's Exile for thousands of years, was used by the Kasha Proclamation to rid unwanted persons from modern society. Anyone from criminals to those that refused to recognize the supremacy of the Lord Unbound would be sent to this planet effectively cutting them off from any sort of relations they had. To many, being sent to Solania is a fate worse than death, because even if one were to find a way to escape, they'd find themselves decades or perhaps even centuries in the future, unable to return to the same time period they were when they entered the planet.


Solania was one of the first colonies created by the Kasha Proclamation, and as such has had a strange relation with the rest of the outside galaxy. Prison wardens were only found in the planet's orbit, while the inmates are virtually free to do whatever they please. Despite this, it has been extremely difficult to coordinate an uprising due to the time differences. However, over the many years Solania has been active, the planet grew to become its own isolated civilization. As the Kasha Proclamation spread its reach across the north arm, it saw its fair share of unique aliens make their way to its prison.

A Larrax named Tylos soon became one of the most notorious inmates on Solania. The Larrax were a feline, quadrupedal species that were responsible for the creation of the Spodan Archives - one of the largest data records of galactic history known. Tylos was taken prisoner by the Kassites after he had illegally attempted to obtain Kassite holy scriptures to add to the Spodan Archives. Tylos, still looking to continue his efforts to document all that he could, used informants and influence to seize the entire planet for himself. Due to the extreme time dilation, the Kassites were none the wiser as to what happened as Tylos had left very specific instructions to his informants to execute over centuries.

Soon, Tylos became the king of Solania having influenced the inmates to create a civilization all to themselves. Tylos believed that Solania now transcended time. And he was right. Solania outlasted the Kasha Proclamation, the rest of the First Galactic Senate and even the Second Galactic Senate. Forming reasonable diplomatic relationships with Solania was incredibly difficult due to the time differences. But Solania stands as a preserved record of many species across the galaxy, some of which are extinct elsewhere.