Kakoonal system

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Kakoonal system
Spectral type F0
Age 4.8 billion years
Size 1.17 solar masses
Surface temperature 6,120 K
Diameter 1.17 solar diameters
Stars 1
Planets 7
Cluster Chechkal Cluster
Polities KyeknaFlag.pngUnited Kyekna Monarchies

Kakoonal is a silver-colored class F star located within the Chechkal Cluster, and the home star of the United Kyekna Monarchies.

Kakoonal has 9 planets, including 6 rocky worlds and 3 gas giants. By order of closeness to the sun, starting at the closest, they are:

  • Eklakra - a small rocky world very close to the sun, the planet has been extensively mined and is now covered in solar powerplants to gather the energy of Kakoonal for use by the Kyekna.
  • Kenaklesh - a garden planet rich in oxygen which is in binary orbit with Kalkak. This is the capital world of the Kyekna United Monarchies and the homeworld of the Kyekna race, making it the largest financial and military hubworld in the Chechkal Cluster, and one of the largest in the entire Crucible Galaxy. Kenaklesh sustains a huge population of over 15 billion due to the ability of the Kyekna to live and cultivate food both on the surface of the planet and below ground.
  • Kalkak - a garden world in binary orbit with Kenaklesh that was formerly home to the warlike Karkal until they were wiped out by the Kyekna.
  • Kelkarka - a gas giant orbited by 3 moons which have been colonized.
  • Clikakac - a rocky world on the outer edge of the habitable zone, where industrial expansion in the system was diverted to after the beginning of the Chechkal Wars to avoid encroaching on the environment and agriculture of the garden worlds.
  • Kacliktz - a gas giant with 6 moons, from which a variety of minerals are mined.
  • Tzalcak - a rocky greenhouse world with a thick poisonous atmosphere which reflects those few solar rays that make it to the planet, leaving the surface frigid. The Zhariz species colonized this planet after joining the UKM.
  • Kirit - A small terrestrial planet.
  • Izekkak - A very distant gas giant, home to the first alien life discovered by the people of Kenaklesh, not counting the Kalkak species.

These planets are classified into three groups:

  • Inner Planets - Eklakra, Kenaklesh, Kalkak, planets equal to or closer than Kenaklesh in distance from the star.
  • Outer Planets - Kelkarka Clikakac, Kacliktz, and Tzalcak, the far planets beyond the edge of the habitable zone.
  • Isolation Zone - Kirit and Izekkak, the last planets to be discovered.