Drynezd system

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Drynezd system
Spectral type G
Age 5.3 billion years
Size 1.025 solar masses
Surface temperature 5,831 K
Diameter 1.025 solar diameters
Stars 1
Planets 3
Cluster Chechkal Cluster
Polities United Kyekna Monarchies

Drynezd is a G-class star located within the Chechkal Cluster of the Crucible Galaxy. The Drynezd System came under the control of the United Kyekna Monarchies during the time of the Buyuk Wars, and by the time of the Chaos Crisis it had a populace of roughly 8,500,000,000.

Drynezd is orbited by 3 major planets:

  • Zudduz - A planet rich in metals, primarily used for mining.
  • Kezzenid - A garden world where much of the systems' populace resides.
  • Nayus - A water-rich ice planet that exports vast amounts of clean water to other regions of Kyekna space.