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Dangu is a gas giant filled with exotic sky jungles filled with gas bag flora and fauna. The planet is home to two intelligent species - the Bhalon, large whale-like filter feeders with large gut cavities with their own ecosystems, and the nomadic Sargas tribes which make the insides of the Bhalon their homes.


The Sargas and the Bhalon were first discovered by the Karalian Empire during the Buyuk Wars when the Buyuk used one of Dangu's moons as a base to mine the gas giant for helium-3. After the Buyuk were driven from the system, Dangu was declared off limits due to the dangers of meddling with a non-space faring society. The Karalians had their learned their lesson with meddling with the development of other species after an incident in the Ankor system rendered the native Ankodites almost completely extinct.

However, with the forming of the Confederacy of Greenwater, interest in the planet skyrocketed as studies were being undertaken to research Dangu's unique biosphere. A few illegal experiments were also conducted by other parties which involved augmenting Bhalon with cybernetic parts, a feat which the Buyuk never attempted themselves, but were done so by underground groups that were in support of the former Buyuk occupation.

After a messy first contact, the Sargas were officially introduced to the greater galactic community. Rustiagon Karrel was invited to visit the inside of a Bhalon, an experience he found rather terrifying, but was able to adapt. Relations were off to a rocky start as the Sargas found the concepts of completely metal ships to be alien and horrifying. They found the space in which other extraterrestrials to be cold and dead. Nonetheless, while many Sargas were hesitant and sometimes hostile to outsiders, there were some Sargas that embraced the new visitors.

After the conclusion of the Buyuk Wars, more serious efforts were made to help build relations with the Sargas and to eventually make them members of the Second Galactic Senate. One of the locations for the Myth Galaxy tournament was held in the inside of the Bhalon named Didelavias. Setting up the necessary electronics was initially uncomfortable, but the local Sargas helped out. A young Verina Mayn, who had already won in several locations across the Karalian Empire, emerged victorious.