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The Bhalon are enormous whale-like beings native to the gas giant Dangu in the Liria system. Having a reputation as living airships, they are highly intelligent filter feeders that are peaceful by nature despite having evolved from vicious apex predators over the past few million years. As a result, many of their internal organs became seemingly vestigial, cavernous fleshy spaces. Smaller nomadic tribes of cephalopod-like Sargas eventually came to live inside of them, defending them from parasites and predators while the Bhalon provided them protection from the elements as their insides provided a consistently warm, balmy environment.


The largest Bhalon can grow up to 1500 meters in length. They have no eyes except for small, beaded stalks that grow along their exterior which can sense light, wind patterns and subtle changes in air pressure.

They have big gaping mouths that remain constantly open as they drift through the clouds, feeding on microscopic floating plankton. They have two sets of flippers which contain bladders that release gas to propel them in certain directions. Along their bodies are pores which they use for exchanging air, many of which are large enough to fit small vehicles inside. Some of these pores evolved to simply be generic openings to allow other life forms inside leading to an interconnected fleshy maze teeming with life. However, the critical organs such as the brain, heart and lungs are completely disconnected from these open passages as a rather practical means of protection.

Despite the Bhalons' reputation for having many large open spaces in their guts, there is no dedicated chamber that would serve as a stomach. Instead, the walls in their insides serve as spongy materials that absorb microscopic life forms while being completely harmless to other life forms. Because of this, the Bhalon heavily rely on other symbiotic life forms for protection and for occasional aid in gathering food. In return, the nutrients that the Bhalon absorbs through filter feeding facilitate the growth of a large variety of flora and fungi.

Some plants, including carnivorous ones, can be found growing along the insides of a Bhalon. These plants have their roots embedded in the gut walls, and they often share and exchange nutrients. The Sargas species often uses the insides of a Bhalon as a base, forming small camps inside. These insides are alit with bioluminscent growths, either directly part of the Bhalon or the flora and fauna that live inside.