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The Sargas are a cephalopod-like species native to the gas giant Dangu. They have developed a symbiotic relationship with the whale-like Bhalon, serving as guardians and protectors of them while using their massive gut cavities as living space. While they live mostly as hunter-gatherers, the insides of the Bhalon are sometimes developed into complex, large-scale organic cities.

The Sargas made first contact with the Vaikan during the Buyuk Wars after their planet was being mined for helium-3 by the Buyuk. After the Buyuk were driven from the system, the Karalian Empire chose to leave the Sargas alone, having learned the consequences of meddling with lesser developed species from the Ankodega Incident. Contact would be reestablished during the Confederacy of Greenwater's colonization attempts due to illegal attempts to study Dangu's biosphere.


Sargas have five long thin tentacles which converge on a conical, perpendicularly oriented head. Their head is filled with buoyant gases which they can fire from a small opening in the back to propel them forward. Their movements are not omnidirectional, but they can easily turn their heads to control their direction. While not as fast as some other life forms on Dangu, they are highly resilient and efficient with their energy usage.

Their tentacles are flexible enough to handle tools which they fashion out of chitin that grow on the Bhalon's exterior. They can grow crops on the gut linings of the Bhalon they live in which are enriched by the plankton which the Bhalon feeds on.

Sargas can also ride other animals even taming Bhalon to control their direction to better hunt for more food.