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General information
Status Endangered
Native to Ankodega
Diet Omniverous
Symmetry Bilateral
Lifespan 40 years
Description Long arms, symbiotic relation with plants

Ankodites are sapient creatures native to Ankodega.


Ankodites are tall creatures with yellow, spongy skin and an average height of two meters tall. They have two arms and two legs which have two elbows and two knees respectively allowing for swift mobility and dexterity. Ankodites are descendants of long armed striders which climbed trees. Their front arms retained opposable thumbs though their back legs became flat.

Although they have analogous structures that evolved convergently to humanoids, an Ankodite's body region is different in that all of their limbs extend from a single spherical cranial region where all their vital organs are kept. On the exterior of this region are two large eyes and a lipped mouth lined with both incisor and canine teeth.

Ankodites have numerous mammalian traits such as viviparous offspring and body temperatures of 99° F. Their spongy skin not only serves as a means of camouflage, but also serves as a breeding ground for a nutritious type of fungus that allows plants to grow on them. These plants return the favor by also providing the Ankodite with an extra source of food.


Ankodites have a primitive civilization. They live in isolated tribes, only a few of which are actually full-fledged settlements.