Verina Mayn

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Verina Mayn
Known for Galactic Champion of Myth Galaxy
Home town City of Patalla, Namai-2
Species Vaikan
Height 167 cm or 5'5"
Parents Duke Fermeris Tythis Mayn, Duchess Martei Mayn

First Lieutenant Verina Mayn is a young Vaikan girl who became the galactic champion of the MMO Myth Galaxy. The Karalian Empire, seeing her skills, conscripted her into the military to help command synthetic armies from her mech. She would temporarily defect to the Union of Eteno Socialist States.


Verina often acts very childish in spite of the normal Vaikan customs that enforce disciplined behavior. Very frequently she ignores these principles much to the dismay of other Karalians. She can easily get flustered when things don’t go her way. Her rebellious nature has gotten her trouble with both her superiors and the law.

Verina is also fascinated by galactic popular culture, being a fan of numerous animated holovision shows originating from other nations. She also supports the Galactic Senate Special Operations Corps’ heroic efforts to protect the galaxy and has a celebrity crush on Ahrganot Skizgo, keeping posters of him in her room.

Verina shows a lot of personal attachment and sentiment to her belongings. One particularly prized treasure for her is a stuffed Vossin toy she’s had since she was a child. She keeps this toy in her room and also on the dashboard of the control panel she uses to pilot mechs.


Early life

Verina Mayn was born as a member of the local nobility on Namai-2 in the Namai system in the Krizael province of the Karalian Empire. Her father is Count Fermeris Tythis Mayn, one of the noble lords of Namai-2. At the time of Verina’s birth, much of Namai-2 was a scenic agrarian colony.

Since Verina became old enough to attend school, her father pushed her into excelling in academics due to the Vaikan lifestyle of a disciplined mind and high levels of intelligence. Unfortunately for Verina, she struggled to make her marks due to the high difficulty of the classes. To cope with stress, she would often travel downtown to play at the arcades.

One of Verina’s friends is one of Count Mayn’s knights Kruszec Blizniak who she found understood her better than her father. Verina would often secretly play some video games with Kruszec. Kruszec introduced her to the MMO Myth Galaxy. However, the knight was eventually called upon to fight in the Eteno/Vaikan war.

Preparatory school

As Verina entered her teen years, Namai-2 saw more heavy urbanization and industrialization. Previous sprawling green pastures were replaced with rows and rows of skyscrapers. While this helped Namai-2 better connect economically with the rest of the Krizael Expanse, to Verina, she saw it as tarnishing the natural beauty of the planet.

Verina, however, did not make her marks in school and failed the entrance exams for the Krizael Academy of Astrophysics. Her father was disappointed in her. Unable to secure a job as an astrophysicist like she was studying to be, she chose to play in local video game tournaments for money. While hesitant, her father supported her decision.

Celebrity life

Soon enough, Verina found her talent. She acquired a winning streak in numerous Myth Galaxy tournaments and became a local sensation in Namai-2. It would not be long until she ascended into the finals, entering the galactic level tournament to represent the Karalian Empire. She succeeded and won first place.

Now being a national sensation, Verina soon got involved in commenting on numerous political issues regarding the current state of the war between the Eteno and Vaikan.

Verina openly stated that she supported the Zalakrasa Society, an environmentalist group in Greenwater known for its ecoterrorism. This soon got her into a series of heated arguments on extranet forums. Despite getting very political, she managed to keep her position and reputation. However, she was caught doing adrenaline by a rival of hers and was threatened with blackmail. Verina did not cooperate, and the information leaked out. Verina was promptly arrested by the Royal Watch and banned from competitive gaming.

The Royal Watch recognized her skills as a pro-gamer and was given a choice. To either rehabilitate and serve the Karalian Empire’s military or go to jail. Wisely, she chose the former.

Joining the Karalian military

Verina, using her pro-gamer skills, was put in command of combat drones. She also personally designed three of them to act as her own companions.

Part of Verina’s rehabilitation involved her taking a medicine to better suppress her emotions. According to her, she felt like her brain was getting dulled, and she worked better without it. But she was being forced to take it anyway. Eventually, though, she starts skipping taking it.

Verina over time becomes dissatisfied with the Karalian Empire. She’s starting to see reuniting Greenwater as a lost cause.


Reunion with Kruszec

Meeting Neshi Ol'nari