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The Vossin is a creature native to northern Tralgatar on Ucharpli. They are omnivorous mammals with blue fur that can be found either in the dry pocket forests of the northern desert, or the Swamp of Darkness.


Vossin are small fox-like creatures with tails twice as long as their bodies. Vossin are also nocturnal, so they rely mostly on their large ears for navigation, but their large black eyes allow them to clearly see about two meters in front of them, enough for them to be able to leap between branches. These creatures also possess tough claws for gripping branches and attacking prey as well as antennae which are capable of attracting water vapor.

Being pure mammals, Vossin can only survive Ucharpli at night. During the day, they will hide within the hollow trees of the forest to protect themselves from radiation, and at night, will actively hunt.

Vossin come in two main varieties. The Desert Vossin dwells in pocket forests and deserts. The Dark Vossin is native to the Swamp of Darkness and is far more active because the trees there are thick enough to block sunlight. Dark Vossin's antennae have become vestigial because water is more readily available in the Swamp of Darkness.

Habitat and range

Vossin are only native to Tralgatar's jungles and forests. They are tree dwelling species and prefer to stay on the branches to avoid predators on the ground.


Vossin are opportunistic omnivores. They will often eat berries, but they will often choose to prey upon Batra, small flying reptiles which in turn prey on insects. Vossin are solitary hunters and will often compete with each other over kills. They will actively attack other Vossin should one try to scavenge another's meal.

Vossin teeth are also designed for gnawing as they grow at a constant rate. They will gnaw on hard surfaces such as rocks or tree bark to keep their teeth in the right shape.

Vossin are preyed upon by larger birds of prey and even some of Tralgatar's carnivorous plants.


Vossin courtship involves chases through the trees which can last hours. Since they are mammals, they will give birth to live young, but will do so under the safety of a gnawed-out tree hole.

Vossin reach maturity at one year old and can live to twenty years in the wild and thirty years in captivity.


Vossin can be kept as pets, but one of their biggest problems is gnawing. They must constantly gnaw on something such as a stick or other object which makes them prone to destroying furniture. Therefore, it is highly recommended to keep a pet Vossin in a cage.