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Star Bezck
Type Iron Planet
Satellites 0
Gravity .6G
Orbital distance 872 AU
Day length ???
Year length ???
Diameter 6,432 km
Axial tilt 23.05
Average 18 °C (64 °F)
Composition 90% Carbon Dioxide

7% hydrogen

3% trace gases
Population 0

Bozzkrit is a planet orbiting the immense Wolf-Rayet star Bezck, formerly being a rogue planet before it was caught in Bezck's impressive gravity. Despite orbiting at an elephantine distance of 872 AU, the boiling hot (45,000° Kelvin) star it orbits renders Bozzkrit scalding far beyond livable conditions for most carbon-based life of the Crucible Galaxy.

Bozzkrit came under the control of the United Kyekna Monarchies around 120 years prior to the beginning of the Chechkal Wars, with the Kyekna establishing a colony on the nearby world of Chityl. During the Chechkal Wars and afterwards, Bozzkrit has been used to test weapons of mass destruction and potential means of altering a planet's orbital distance, and recordings of such tests have been broadcast throughout the UKM as a Tour De Force and show of patriotism.