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The ancient city of Wythua is a holy site on Jaran where worshipers of the Dragon Daughters of Krayhan make a pilgrimage usually once per year. Offerings are made to the goddesses Sashelma, Kezoa and Yoltoria while rituals are often conducted alongside the goddess' respective holograms. It is a place of constant celebration, and it once served as the capital of the Allied Sovereign Nations. The city was originally constructed by Rustiagon Gelda over 6,000 years before the Battle of Domum Regimen. This was shortly after the Second Sinister War when the vast majority of females were exterminated by the Eghos as a means of controlling Vaikan population.


After the end of the war, Rustiagon Gelda had instituted a program to help stabilize the Vaikan's numbers to avoid extinction. Her goal was to designate a select few group of fertile females whose sole job was to produce eggs. The planet Jaran was the location where to round up all these females. Ucharpli was war torn and devastated by the Eghos. Jaran at the time however was a safe haven, virtually untouched by the Second Sinister War.

The Vaikan women chosen for the breeding program were provided lavish accommodations and lived as queens. As such, opulent palaces were constructed for them to live in to ensure they remained healthy for the rest of their lives. This collection of palaces was known as Wythua, derived from the Old Yallvus Talk word for mate or companion. Gelda insisted that mating procedures would be like clockwork without any emotional attachments to ensure maximum efficiency. It is believed that without her efforts, the Vaikan would have more than likely have gone extinct at the time.

Although the breeding program was successful at restoring the Vaikan population, the gender ratio was still far from 50/50. Around four thousand years later, a Luddite terrorist group called Severance detonated an EMP that disabled the jump gate network cutting off Jaran from Ucharpli. The social instability that resulted caused the DFM to collapse.

After many centuries, the events that occurred surrounding the city's origins fell into myth. Although the official breeding program no longer existed, the high ranking females and their palaces in Wythua still did. As such, females soon became a figure of worship among the Vaikan. It is thought that the nobility of Wythua was the inspiration behind the Dragon Daughters of Krayhan although there is no historical evidence that the goddesses were based directly on specific Vaikan. Rather, the idea behind the goddesses was that they would each embody traits that are considered most desirable in a companion.

Following the onset of the sterility plague, many of the original palaces in which the nobility of Wythua lived were lost to history. However, the Karalian Empire and its successor the Second Karalian Empire boasted faithful VR recreations of these locations. Among other things, these VR's at one point topped the sales of most popular VR in the Second Galactic Senate.