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The Ebon system is found in the Obsidian Shroud, a dark nebula which appears as patches of black in the night sky from remote planets. The Ebon system is curious as it is comprised of a planetary system that formed around an artificial megastructure known as Ebon over billions of years.


The object in which the system is named after, Ebon, is a large black sphere approximately one million kilometers in width. The object bears a striking resemblance to other known megastructures such as Novarckas and Domum Regimen indicating similar architects. While Ebon is generally thought to be inert, it radiates enough energy to provide a band of warmth indicating it was either built around a star or it is in fact an enormous reactor. As such, it is strangely capable of supporting life.

The Omni Empire had a great interest in Ebon during their expeditions to map out the galaxy. They originally believed Ebon to be a forgotten Na'zrah node and thus began extensive archaeological expeditions to study the object. It was discovered that Ebon had dormant systems that had been attempting to communicate with other similar spheres but was unsuccessful. This proved that this sphere once existed as part of a larger network. Source code found within the ancient computer systems in Ebon as well as raw materials such as a previously unknown alloy of Dragonrock would be used in the initial construction of LUCIS.



Main article: Resha

Resha is a planet tidally locked to Ebon. It has a thick atmosphere which traps the limited heat emanating from Ebon. Most life on the planet makes use of bioluminescence. While the planet is warm and tropical, it is completely dark across the surface. Multiple small planetoids orbit it, serving as moons. However, due to the thick clouds, these moons are not visible from the planet's surface, and were not discovered until the native Reshans achieved spaceflight.

The Reshans, who resembled airborne, translucent squids, knew Ebon as the "Onyx Sun" and had a complex mythology revolving around it. They greatly feared death, believing those who had upset the Onyx Sun would find themselves in an eternal hell. In their society, several seers also claimed to have heard voices coming from the Onyx Sun.

Reshan civilization predates the Omni Empire by at least 66 million years. It is not known how far of an extent the Reshans settled the Crucible Galaxy as very little evidence of their civilization has been found.


Leshden is a brown dwarf of 50 jovian masses. It is not entirely clear whether Leshden was an extrasolar capture or if it formed naturally around Ebon. Due to the Ebon system's position in the Obsidian Shroud, Leshden was the only other major celestial object besides Ebon visible from Resha's surface.