Organic forcefields

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Organic forcefields are a creation by the Karalian Empire that first saw prototyping in the Second Galactic Senate Era to assist communities with food shortages. By the time of the Second Karalian Empire, organic forcefields took over as the norm for dining as it became extremely difficult to sustain the population of Jaran through traditional farming methods.

The principle behind them is that they are a forcefield of nanobots that one has to pass through similar to the ones used for medical uses, although these are far more powerful in terms of function. When one passes through the forcefield, the nanobots assemble molecules within one's digestive system so that they feel satiated and also disassemble any pending waste products inside the user. Essentially, passing through the forcefield will make the user feel as if they had just ate and had used the restroom with zero mess afterwards, assisting in controlling the spread of diseases.

Although it does work effectively in overcoming food shortages, it does not replicate the taste of food, and as such, these forcefields are often used as a utility to get by. Real, physical cuisine on Jaran has since become a delicacy.