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The Kouldor are an Arckasian silicon-based species from Lith a moon orbiting the gas giant Bor in the Festus system - a trinary star system in the Ske'en Galaxy. The Kouldor species are cited as the creators of Dragonrock. They are also responsible for developing the earliest techniques for large scale geoengineering and the creation of megastructures. As one of the earliest member species of the Empire of Arckas, they made massive contributions to the empire's early attempts at terraforming. They are also responsible for the creation of many planets in the Crucible Galaxy located in the habitable zones of stars.

Alongside the Promorin, the Kouldor were also one of the first extraterrestrials discovered by the Aeliph. In the distant past, intelligent life was very rare due to the conditions of habitable worlds being very scarce. The Kouldor - proving to not be anywhere near as hostile as the Promorin - immediately shared a common interest in seeing the presence of more organic life across the universe.


On the outside, the Kouldor appear as an outcropping of rocks covered in crystals. These crystals, however, have mycelia type growths that connect the crystals together forming multiple hive-minded intelligent networks. The crystals are capable of changing colors, blinking at different brightnesses and resonating different frequencies in order to communicate with one another. The concept of "individual" is foreign to them, though the closest resemblance they have are different networks.

They feed off of heat, and thus, can be found near lava and other sources of extreme heat. They also come in different sizes, from being as small as microscopic dust fragments to entire mountain ranges.

The crystal growths also give the Kouldor a deep understanding of planetary information. They can read tectonic activity at precise levels and sense the presence of different types of ore. Using the force of volcanic activity, smaller variants of Kouldor were able to propel themselves into orbit and land on other nearby moons of Bor to gather more information about planetary formation. Patiently, over millions of years, the Kouldor were able to spread across their entire solar system, growing more intelligent as they spread with further ambitious to colonize other planets.