Hunt for the Data Module

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The Hunt for the Data Module was a struggle for the Second Galactic Senate to obtain the Omni data module that contained information on how to activate the Stone Ring that lead to the planet Debesis, the hiding place of LUCIS.

Suspecting the presence of information that could change the fate of the galaxy, the Galactic Senate Special Operations Corp desperately sought out the data module after they failed to obtain it from the Mainframe-198F smugglers at the Carapellex Interception. The module itself was traced back to Krar, where it had been auctioned off. The GSSOC skirmished with DreadVolt (who was waiting with the owner for his comrade C1-2581H to pick him up from the planet) and several mercenaries to capture it but found that they weren't alone in their desperate search to obtain it. A terrorist group known as the Altusian Brotherhood wanted to get their hands on it.

Rise of the Altusian Brotherhood

Ultimately, the GSSOC managed to keep ahold of the date module, but its contents were copied by the Altusian Brotherhood. Although GSSOC had the data module, they could not understand it, though the AB was in possession of a device that allowed them to translate its contents. This device is known as the Cipher. The data module contained instructions on how to reactivate the Stone Ring leading to the planet Debesis. There, one could find the Promised Land, a former capital world supposedly constructed by the Omni. It is not long before such a secret leaks out to the public.

Eventually, Senate scientists created their own inferior cipher with the help of Gaedheal. Meanwhile, Dreadvolt tracked down the copied data module, but was captured by the AB, later to reemerge at Ilion.