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The Second Galactic Senate followed the Buyuk Wars.


The war alliances that were forged to fight against the Buyuk Empire became well-bonded enough to form a galactic government that could represent species across the galaxy. As spiritual successors to the First Galactic Senate, the Second Galactic Senate was spearheaded by the Union of Eteno Socialist States and the Karalian Empire. They invited species from all across the galaxy to share in their victory over the Buyuk Empire leading to a golden age of cultural exchange and economic growth. Although Na'zrah was gone, Domum Regimen continued to thrive as the primary capital of the Second Galactic Senate.

The Karnasaur Meritocratic Federation, while it reestablished itself as a member of the Senate, were continuing to die out. After an encounter with fanatic group of Karnasaurs from the future attempting to change the past, the KMF realized it could not change its fate and officially anointed the Fadorva as their successors. While the UESS and the KE would bring prosperity to the South Arm, the Fadorva were tasked with bringing prosperity to the North Arm.

After a hundred years of relative peace, relations began to deteriorate. The Senate species began to have conflicting ideologies over how to continue the economic growth of the galaxy. War debts from the conflicts with the Buyuk Empire had also remain unpaid. In the South Arm, much of the UESS felt threatened by the KE's prevailing, yet fundamentally incompatible philosophies, while the Karalian Empire felt it right to reclaim their lost territory in the war by assimilating the Confederacy of Greenwater - a splinter faction once part of the Karalian Empire that formed under control of the Buyuk Empire. The UESS saw an opportunity to inject their ideas into the Greenwater region before the Karalian Empire could reclaim it leading to skirmishes between the polities and eventually way.

In the North Arm, many Fadorva factions soon began to war over what the KMF's intent was and how to move forward with Karnasaur ideology. By the end of the era of peace, the Karansaurs had almost completely died out due to old age, and thus, no longer had any significant political power. The interdependent alliances that other species in the Senate had on both sides of the galaxy would lead to the destabilization of the Senate in an era of conflicts known as the Chaos Crisis.

As the Senate continued to destabilize, a group of extremist Ashadrans known as the Altusian Brotherhood sought to continue INFRA's mission. They received the instructions on how to activate LUCIS and followed through. After locating LUCIS's main server outside the galaxy on the planet Debesis, the ancient AI was finally awakened. In a matter of weeks, LUCIS had already begun to take control of large portions of the jump gate network, using its indoctrination waves to bend others to his will. LUCIS's goal was to assimilate all organic life under one philosophy to end conflict and war forever.

In spite of LUCIS's presence, what little remained of the Senate government put together a team to disable LUCIS. In a surprising turn of events, they did not succeed. Instead, LUCIS decided to pass judgment on all organic life in the galaxy by sacrificing himself to unleash the ancient Arckasian femtobots known as the Anathema. The Anathema were originally designed to regulate the amount of energy consumption to prevent the heat death of the universe. However, LUCIS's exploitation tricked them into being unleashed and targetting the Crucible Galaxy. LUCIS's intention was that if the species of the galaxy could not follow his rule, then they would have to face a common threat to once more be united in peace.

The Anathema's invasion on the Crucible Galaxy was devastating. Many species lost entire star systems, not only to the Anathema but also from warring with themselves. A failed attempt to stop a supernova using the Anathema led to the entirety of the Karalian Empire to condense itself into a single system - leading to the formation of the Second Karalian Empire. Ultimately, the Anathema were stopped by a group of Arckasians known as the Mavetians who used their technology to cause the Anathema to cease functioning. This however forced the Mavetians to leave to another universe for good. With that, the last of the Arckasians had vacated the Crucible Galaxy.

What remained after the Anathema's invasion was a broken Senate and the technological regression of many species. Most of the jump gate network was destroyed and many species opted to remain in isolation to rebuild. Though it was a dark period to follow, the cultures of the former members of the Second Galactic Senate would survive for years to come.

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