Nemibo Confederacy

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Nemibo Confederacy
Flag of Nemibo
Ethnic groups Naznaract
Demonym Nemiboan
Government Unitary State

The Nemibo Confederacy was a polity made up primarily of Naznaract. It was known for its advanced biotechnology, biochemical sciences, bioweapons, and use of hybrots, artificial intelligences that combined biological and electronic elements.


The Nemiboans had a centralized command economy, a result of the dominant economic and political ideology known as Maazemar. Maazemar arose to prominence in Naznaract society when the free market system used previously had allowed corporations that funded the study of revolutionary biotechnologies, especially those which were medical in nature, to hoard them to themselves and restrict wider society from gaining access to them.


Nemibo operated out of the Whaattweld Nebula.

Star Planet Star type or planet type Population
Larr Type K ???
Losb Type M ???
Liyden Type M ???
Lorltage Type M ???
Ryrtlust Type G ???
Slilt Type K ???
Thrizh Type F ???
Tralshend Type M ???
Wharthald Type K ???