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The Buyuk Wars was a major event in the galaxy following the fall of the First Galactic Senate.


After the fall of the First Galactic Senate, the Buyuk Empire would resume its campaign to conquer the galaxy. Their goal was to prepare everyone for the arrival of LUCIS, an ancient, dormant AI which the Buyuk's leader INFRA had been working hard to awaken. Every few weeks, INFRA would need to go into hibernation from the taxing demands of commanding the Buyuk Empire. During these hibernation periods, not only would he leave Ghorax warlords in charge but INFRA would also use his secondary processing power to continue to repair LUCIS. The amount of processing power required to complete this objective would require domination of most of the jump gates in the galaxy, and thus, it was required to take control of the galaxy's most important transit system.

The Buyuk had grown its numbers by dominating smaller scale civilizations that were not yet spacefaring. The remnants of the first Senate were ripe for take over as the Buyuk Empire assimilated whatever survivors of the sterility plague they could find. INFRA would calculate the most optimal path to the goal of bringing back LUCIS, but his need to hibernate was a major flaw. During one of INFRA's down periods, some of the Ghorax warlords would entangle themselves in conflicts with other spacefaring species such as the Union of Eteno Socialist States as well as the Karalian Empire. Because the Buyuk Empire had engaged these other empires far earlier than INFRA was hoping, INFRA had to recalculate his objectives. Seeing the imminent threat and a possible repeat of the damage the Karnasaur Meritocratic Federation did to the Buyuk, INFRA created a new directive for the Buyuk: those who would resist the will of LUCIS were to be destroyed. INFRA no longer hesitated to destroy other planets, reviving the ancient protocols that were used to decimate the Omni Empire. Thus officially began the Buyuk Wars.

The Buyuk's initial control of the jumpgates was their advantage. They could wage war with multiple species at once - these other species not even aware that there were others fighting the same war. This unawareness would not last with one of the most notable contact events being between the UESS and the Karalian Empire. Understanding that they were fighting the same enemy, the two of them began to collaborate to stop the Buyuk.

One of the most important battles was the Battle of Domum Regimen. Domum Regimen was a megastructure which was the last existing server of the AI Na'zrah as well as an important jump gate hub. The Buyuk had taken over Domum Regimen in order to study Na'zrah to discover how he had evaded LUCIS tens of thousands of years ago, and to find out if any valuable information still remained. In a surprise coordinated attack, allied UESS and KE forces lay siege to Domum Regimen and awakened Na'zrah to fight by their side. With Na'zrah's processing power, the jump gate hub was activated inviting dozens of other species to help join the fight. The battle of Domum Regimen was considered a victory and lay the foundations for what would eventually become the Second Galactic Senate.

In no more than a few decades, the Galactic Senate encompassed many species becoming one of the largest first contact events in the history of the galaxy. This allowed for many to mobilize themselves to destroy the Buyuk once and for all at their hub pocket universe Locubrermour - the place where INFRA's processing units were located. Na'zrah had sacrificed himself to open the optimal pathway to carry out a strike to destroy INFRA once and for all. With INFRA's destruction, the Buyuk Empire was rendered moot - INFRA was destroyed before his repairs on LUCIS were complete, but he sent out a signal containing instructions for his followers on how to reawaken LUCIS. On the other hand, the warlords broke off into smaller splinter factions that were easy pickings by the members of the Galactic Senate. With the Buyuk Wars now over, a golden age of prosperity in the Senate would follow as the participating species shared in their culture and economy. Those who still followed LUCIS remained in the dark, waiting for the right time to return.

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