Vishnu system

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Vishnu system

Vishnu is an orange dwarf star system in the Archangel Nebula.

Unlike the Omni home star system of Algus, Vishnu has remained relatively intact. The Garud seemed to have merely vanished, abandoning all of their structures showing no evidence of war. The names featured in the star system are romanizations interpreted by the melodious tones of the Garud language.

Planets and features


Lakshmi is an iron world orbiting close to its parent star. It contains plentiful mineral resources which helped the Garud leave their solar system.


Main article: Garuda

Garuda is the homeworld of the Garud, a rival spacefaring species to the Omni during the first discovery of Novarckas. The planet has no moons save for a small asteroid named Vahana.


Ganges is a large ammonia cloud gas giant with a large ring system.


Saraswati is a small gas giant with ammonia clouds.