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Garuda is the second planet in the Vishnu system, an orange dwarf star system near the Omni homeworld.

Physical characteristics

Garuda has only one satellite, a single asteroid named Vahana which is visible from the surface as a tiny star-like object. Because Garuda has no large moon, its day/night cycle is very short at a mere 12 hours. The planet also has extreme seasons and an axial tilt that varies drastically over the course of millions of years. Thus, Garuda has seen cycles of total oceanic flooding and desertification.

Currently, Garuda is in an era where the climate is warm and wet with vast oceans, zero ice caps and continents covered entirely in forest. High oxygen levels combined with the planets low gravity and air pressure allow for enormous fauna paired with towering trees rich in graphite epoxy composites. The trees, which can reach heights of more than 40 kilometers, are enshrouded with an excess of vines that make travel on the ground next to impractical resulting in the majority of life adapting to living in the trees.